Armored Tactical Vehicle
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Hunter TR-12

Hunter TR-12 - Tactical Vehicle Video

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The Hunter TR-12 is a 12-person, multi-purpose tactical vehicle designed to carry troops to dangerous destinations. A mono-hull built on an independent chassis, the versatile Hunter TR-12 offers superior protection against guns and rifles, making it ideal for high-risk areas prone to clashes and ambushes. With 4x4 wheel drive action, it is possible for the vehicle to reach remote, difficult-to-access places.

The Hunter TR-12's superior features, including high quality technical configuration, a powerful turbo diesel engine, and cutting-edge wheel technology, make it a reliable vehicle for multi-purpose operation.

This vehicle can be configured as troop carrier, load transport, ambulance, anti-riot and special operations.
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Armor International Company

Armor International has specialized in armoring all types of vehicles since 1981. Working in conjunction with aeronautics agencies, Armor International develops increasingly lighter armor composites with the flexibility to meet clients' needs

Its advanced machinery, great production capacity, and highly qualified personnel make Armor International a solid, reliable and stable company with renowned prestige as one of the leading armoring companies in the world. It is widely recognized by embassies, top international agencies, government institutions, and prestigious multinational corporations.

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